Women with split ends

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So what are split ends exactly and how do they occur?

Each strand of your hair is made up of three layers, the most inner layer is known as medulla and is composed of a pigment called melanin which gives the hair colour, melanin can be also found in skin. The outer layer from the medulla is known as the cortex, this is basically made up from a protein known as Keratin. The hairs strength and texture comes from the makeup of Keratin. The outer layer of a hair strand is known as the cuticle and consists of cells which overlap each other, a bit like roofing tiles. This part of the hair gives each strand reflective properties from UV and gives shine. It is also the cuticle that shields the inner cores from damage from external elements such as UV damage, heat styling, chlorine and salt water. It is when damage happens to the cuticle that split ends occur.

How to avoid split ends?

  1. Make sure you use hair products which add the best possible strengthening properties. Products which boost the hairs Ceramid and keratin will keep hair strong.
  2. It may come as a surprise, but what you put in your body in terms of nutrients can affect your hair and skin. Magnesium is proven to add strength to hair, so by eating foods which are high in magnesium can also reduce the effects of split ends.
  3. Wrapping a hot steamy towel around your hair post cleansing can add extra hydration to the hair. If your hair is dehydrated it is more likely to be brittle and suffer from Split ends. However, make sure the towel is at a safe enough temperature before placing on your head.
  4. Pre cleansing, use a conditioner, this will protect any damaged hair fibres before shampooing and prevent hair becoming weighed down.
  5. Use the complete Thérapiste range from Kerastase

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