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We all lose hair on a daily basis, this is totally normal. In fact we lose around 50 to 100 strands of hair every single day. Hair loss is not normal if you find that you are losing a lot of your hair. Symptoms of hair loss range from gradual thinning to total loss of hair. There is a misconception that hair loss only effects men, when I fact it can effect women and in some cases children. If you experience bald patches, or thinning the likelyhood is you have a condition called Alopecia.

What are the symptoms of hair loss?

Loosing hair can happen suddenly or gradually over time, the speed and severity of hair loss depends on what is causing it. Also, losing hair is not just isolated to the cranium, hair loss can occur all over the body. Some types of Alopecia is temporary whilst in other cases the effects can be permanent.

Symptoms of hair loss

This type of hair loss is by far the most common in both men and certainly women as they reach a mature age of around 50 and upwards. Men can suffer from receding hair from the forehead. Unlike men, ladies generally retain their hair line but suffer from a broad thinning of the hair. Thinning generally happens over time and stops at a certain point, or continue to further visible thinning.

Bald Patches
In both men and women hair loss is in small targeted areas and is clearly visible by bald spots on the head. The skin within and around the bald patches can become irritated and itchy. This condition can sometimes affects other parts of the body which hair is found such as eyebrows and facial hair.

If you lose hair suddenly it maybe down to a dietary problem, physiological or mental problem such as stress. Chunks of hair will come out when washing or coming, even a slight pull will remove hair easily from the scalp.

What can I do if I start to loose hair?

If you start to loose hair you should always first consult a doctor and a dermatologist. They will recommend professional diagnostics and recommend treatments. Luckily, nearly all hair loss can be treated to prevent further loss.

Are there products which reduce the effects of hair loss?

Yes, there are a number of products on the market which will fight against the visible signs of hair loss for both men and women. Our favourite brand is called Nixon, they actually specialise in hair loss and thinning treatments. However, while we recommend Nioxin products you should always consult your doctor if you discover hair loss.

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Hair Loss and Thinning
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Hair Loss and Thinning
This is a short article about the symptoms of hair loss and thinning and what a person can do to treat and fight the effects of hair loss.

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