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We see a lot of types of hair extensions in the salon, and because of this we can compare different brands out there and see which are good and also not so good.
Much of the hair is imported from small agents across the world who scour through villages in china,India, and eastern Europe.These traders offer poverty-stricken men and women cash for their hair. In India their has been reports of husbands forcing their wives to sell their hair. In the Slums, children are being tricked into having their heads shaved in exchange for toys. Other stories of gangs holding down girls to cutting off their hair.
We have been very careful to make sure that the extensions we sell in our salon are from ethical sources.
We wanted to make sure that the supply chain was monitored and every bit of hair had a ethical background. Most companies cannot guarantee the origin, quality and traceability of their hair. This is because they buy from third parties and they are not sourced by the hair extensions company. It was important to us that the company we use sourced their own hair. Great lengths have their own employees in India overseeing the whole operation.

Hair is sourced from a The Hindu Indian Temple in Tirumala. Here the traditional religious ceremony of “tonsuring” is carried out. Whole Families make the pilgrimage to the temple to have their hair shaven as a offer of thanks giving. often these ceremonies are carried out to celebrate an event such as a birth or wedding. This hair is then left with the temple and normally disposed off. Now the hair in brought from the temple and the money is then passed onto the local community to go towards medical aid, education and infrastructure. All of operation is overseen by great length staff based in India,making Great Lengths hair Extension the only hair extension company to have a employed resident in India guaranteeing all ethical policies are upheld

If you would like to know more about our chosen hair extension company then take a look at our salon website or give the salon a call on 01159988553

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